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Think of an adjustment as “tuning” a piano, adjusting each string so it produces the perfect tone.

What makes Dr Peter Granelli (Chiropractor) stand out from many other chiropractors is that he focuses on the Gonstead technique in his practice.

Using this technique, he is able to conduct a more thorough spinal assessment. Dr Peter (Chiropractor) will look for subtle changes in your position and movement, as well as signs of inflammation and pressure on your nerves.

He will also examine your spine when you are static and moving to give a clearer picture of the tissue damage, and the impact this has on your movement.

Finally, by reviewing an X-ray, it is possible for Dr Peter (Chiropractor) to check for misalignments, as well as any other physical problems contributing to your condition. After assessing this information, Dr Peter (Chiropractor) then performs the necessary adjustments.

By working solely with the problem areas and using precise adjustments, he will restore your musculoskeletal health.

If you are looking for a chiropractic centre that offers the Gonstead technique, choose the Granelli Spinal Health Clinic.

Additional Techniques

Although Dr Peter (Chiropractor) primarily uses the Gonstead technique, where appropriate he also uses principles of Applied Kinesiology and Proprioceptive Medicine.

Applied Kinesiology uses muscle testing to find out how well your body functions and the results indicate the best therapy for your condition.

Proprioceptive Medicine examines the nervous system response to identify the weaknesses that make you more susceptible to injury or ill-health, and this indicates the best course of treatment.

Referral for Further Exercise Support

Dr Peter (Chiropractor) also liaises closely with Functional Movement Specialists based at Fat Loss and Performance. Through functional training it is possible to correct movement patterns with appropriate exercise, which these specialists are able to offer. If he feels that you would benefit from this service, he will make a referral for you to receive instruction at their gym.

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