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We’re delighted to share some thoughts and words from some of the people we’ve been able to help.

Peter has enabled me to get back to living life

Having suffered for a few years from severe neck, shoulder pains, migraines and intense facial muscle pain, Peter has enabled me to get back to living life within two weeks of sessions. Highly recommend his service

Aaron Hornback

At 32 y.o. I had Sciatica to the point I was struggling to walk. A course with Peter gave me understanding of the condition, adjustments and steps to great health. We had a few laughs in our meetings too. He's a good guy.

Adam Carr

I highly recommend Dr. Granelli. I came to him with severe lower back pain, hardly able to walk. After a couple of weeks of regular treatments, I was walking normally and pain free! He is friendly and pleasant to deal with as well, so I am quite happy with his care.

AJ Ghosh

I've been suffering from spina bifida occulta and have been fighting the pain in my lower back and leg for the past 7 years, I tried physiotherapy, acupuncture, steroid injections and nothing helped. I've been seeing Dr Peter since August lat year and my back has never been better since the symptoms started. Lovely atmosphere.Highly recommended

Aleksandra Nykiel

Dr Granelli worked wonders on my neck. Really nice and very knowledgable. Thoroughly recommended!

Alex Hill

First rate service and advice from Peter. I booked a dozen sessions with Peter to help me with sciatic problems and a weak back after gardening. Peter discovered that I had little mobility in my left side of my hip and most issues were stemming from this. His advice has been fantastic and I’ve seen massive improvements after every session. I would recommend you see Peter in the first instance because if like me you’ll probably looking in the wrong place for the answers.

Alun Cooper

If you are thinking of booking an appointment with Peter; go ahead and book it! Right from the first appointment I felt instant relief and increased movement in my back..after putting up with daily pain for almost 10 months! Not only has Peter helped me with my back he’s also worked miracles with my IBS which I find fascinating having tried various different meds without success. Peter has advised me on my diet and supplements and is always happy to help and support me if I have any questions. Peter is an extremely knowledgeable, professional and friendly Doctor and I can’t recommend him highly enough. Thank you Peter 😊

Amy Brook

Excellent chiropractor, very professional and a pleasure to deal with. He has helped me with my back problems for 2+ years. Highly recommended.

Andres Czerwinski

After suffering with sciatica for 7 months and visiting consultants and physios with no success I came across Peter. After an excellant initial detailed assessment, we started on a treatment plan which now 4 months later I have no pains or discomfort and am back playing cricket, football and attending the gym. I cannot thank Peter enough and now attend for regular maintenance.

andrew fryer

Peter has been a massive help in helping me recover from a painful shoulder injury which was stopping me playing sport or going to the gym.

Andrew Royle

I am delighted that Peter has been able to treat my daughter, who is a dancer so quickly and efficiently. The initial exam and diagnosis was very thorough. After the first session of treatment my daughter could already feel some relief, six weeks on and she's made excellent progress, almost back to 100%. He is very approachable and friendly and has provided , additional support, with stretching, breathing and core training techniques to help my daughter manage her own well being. This has been significant in aiding her speedy recovery and will hopefully minimise the risk of causing more severe back issues in the future.

Anne howarth

Peter has been seeing me for a few months and has really helped me recover from old injuries that have been acting up. Even seeing me in short notice when I had a stiff neck and couldn't move! Thanks to him I am now back in the gym, feeling as good as new!

Annemarie Visser

I sought treatment from Peter for chronic back problems in my upper and lower back, which I had been suffering with for the past year. Peter was very meticulous and thorough in understanding my back problems and devised a detailed plan of action which included taking some x-rays of my back. I had 2-3 sessions per week for 2 weeks as I was travelling abroad after that. Over the sessions, Peter performed specific adjustments based on what my back needed at the time. I was extremely impressed with his ability to explain to me clearly exactly what was going on in my back and what he would be doing to correct the issues, before he performed the treatment. After just 2-weeks the pain in my back had reduced by 80% and it felt like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Since I have been travelling overseas, I’ve not had any treatment for the past month after seeing Peter, and my back still feels great. I would highly recommend Peter to anyone looking for a Chiropractor who really knows what he is doing.

Assid Aziz

With his expertise and knowledge, Peter has really helped me to recover and manage symptoms in my lower and upper back and shoulder. Peter is friendly and personable and keeps the clinic in immaculate condition.

atif iqbal

12 sessions later I literally have no pain!

I’ve had horrible back pain for over 10 years (since I was 18) and I’ve just been able to manage the pain. I got out of bed one day and wasn’t able to move or walk properly. Having been to the Doctors a number of times and under gone physio I needed to try something new. Grenelli Spinal popped up on my google search, I went through the reviews I thought il give it a go. 12 sessions later I literally have no pain! It feels unreal! If you are suffering I would highly recommend you go to see Peter ASAP!

Azza Kidiwala

Peter is very thorough and I always left my sessions feeling I had been given the best, appropriate treatment. He is very personable and professional and i wish I could find someone equally effective now I live in Brighton. I highly recommend him.

Briggy Smale

I believe in chiropractic therapy but only if it comes with great skill and good sense of a particular chiropractor. If this is what you are looking for, Peter is your man! He was ethical, intelligent and delivered great and thorough care. My issue was dealt with professionally and it has definitely helped hugely. Thank you.

Carolien de Visser

I went to see Peter with what I thought was a shoulder problem: turned out it was nothing to do with my shoulder! A few sessions completely fixed the problem and as soon as I start getting a hint of any pain again, I make an appointment and Peter fixes me! He also helped my husband with a hip problem. Would highly recommend to anyone.

Catherine Hambleton-Gray

I came to Peter with severe lower and upper back pain which had forced me out of football and my beloved sports! Now my back is stronger than ever and back playing football with no pain. Peter also offered fantastic advise on top of his treatment to help keep back muscles in shape. Would highly recommend.

Charles Black

I work at the David LLoyd there and one day just could not move. having back problems for years now with sciatica. He really helped me out that day i couldnt move! Granelli fitted me in the day and after several sessions after my back feels good as knew also easing the pain down my leg. Would highly recommend him :)

Chaz 93

I visited Dr. Granelli after experiencing pain in my lower back for a while which had been quite severe at times, and was causing a fair bit of inconvenience. After arriving he analysed my spine and seemed to quickly find the root of the problem. After only a couple of visits I was back to normal. I continue to visit him at lengthy intervals, so he can monitor my back, and I haven't had any trouble since!

Chris Inman Drums

I had been suffering with lower back and neck pain/stiffness for a number of years, with numerous visits to a physio only masking the problems instead of curing them. A friend suggested visiting a Chiropractor and that's when I called Peter. Following a thorough examination, he pinpointed the problem areas, explained clearly what was going on and what techniques he would use to help fix them. After only a few sessions I began to feel a big difference and for the first time in a long time had confidence that there might actually be a light at the end of the tunnel!! I couldn't recommend Peter highly enough to anyone! He is an excellent Chiropractor, very professional and knowledgeable, but above all a friendly person who puts you completely at ease from the first time you visit his clinic.

Christine Ellis

Thanks so much, Peter

Was suffering with terrible neck pain. After one visit to Peter I was able to go back to work, and after a few more visits I had improved further still. Thanks so much, Peter.

Chris Wood

Nothing short of a miracle worker. I was bed ridden and taking so much pain relief I couldn't spell my own name. After visiting Peter 3 times a week initially to a now regular 4 weekly appointment I am totally pain free and take no further medication. I can't recommend him enough.

Claire Halfpenny

I came to Pete with chronic lower back pain, he successfully diagnosed the problem and after several sessions I am now able to manage my back with very little pain in day to day life. Also a lovely person!

Danni Kane

For several months I had been feeling sharp/dull pains in my lower back and knee. Unsure as to why I was feeling this pain I had an initial assessment with Peter and a few weeks later I felt practically pain free. He was very professional from the beginning and very transparent with his findings. Overall, this meant I was very confident and at ease during each session with him. I would highly recommend Peter if you feel any physical discomfort due to training/lifestyle as it may surprise you what a little bit of expertise and guidance can do for you!

David Cooney

I had scyatica, if that is the correct spelling. At least that's what the GP informed me. I was in terrible pain with it could not walk at the start of it. However after having a few treatments at Peter granellis. I am so much better and feel like I can walk again without pain. This guy works wonders cannot thank him enough.

David Whittaker

This clinic was recommended to me by various people so I came for my first appointment a few months ago. I have noticed a huge improvement in my neck and back symptoms already and my pain level is now at a minimum sometimes often not feeling any pain at all. I have seen other chiropractors in the past but none have ever paid such attention to detail as Peter Granelli. I would highly recommend.

Debbie Whittle

I went to Peter with lower back pain that id had for around 2 years. after having no luck with physio, he found the issue in the diagnoses session, and started work straight away. 7 lessons later and a few exorcises/stretches I feel so much better. I would highly recommend Peter!

dobble wobble

I started having sessions with Peter a few weeks ago with the pain in my lower back that i have had for months and irrated even more to the point i was in so much pain standing up straight. With Peters superb expertise i can now walk comfortably and i am able to get in and out of the swimming pool with ease. Its been a life changer and opened my eyes to chiropractic methods. Highly recommended.

Elle Fay

My sciatic pain has virtually gone! Living life pain free now, Thanks Peter! Would definitely recommend to anyone with back pain.

Emel Docherty

Peter is an exceptional chiropractor. Having suffered with numerous back injuries over the years and having seen a variety of different physiotherapists and chiropractors, Peter ranks as one of the most professional, friendly and effective chiropractors I've seen. I highly recommend Granelli Spinal Health Clinic to anyone who suffers with back pain or having experienced a back injury.

Fitness HQ Elite Fitness Education

Pete is definitely a professional, after one visit my upper back pain is almost gone ! I’m looking forward to my second one. Thanks

Grzegorz Majchrzak

Amazing! I have played rugby all my life and have had bad lower back pain now for around 3/4 years. I have had numerous physiotherapists who never seemed to help much with their advice. So through a work consultation i decided to visit Peter. After a number of sessions, manipulation and education around my issue i am now suffering no lower back pain. I continue with the advice he gave me daily and also the extra nutrition advice he was happy to give. The clinic is very professional and i would strongly recommend going if you have any sort of back pain/issues.

G Scott

Improved my issue within a few sessions, Peter is friendly, effective and provides a great service which I would recommend to anyone.

H Ali

Really really helped me with my back issues - the difference was incredible😀

Hannah Edis

Highly recommend! Having suffers for years with issues, Ifelt a massive difference after only 2 sessions in! Now 6 sessions in and feel amazing!

Hannah Sacks

Fantastic service provided, would fully recommend anyone with back pain to come here.

Harry Chan

Very professional throughout the treatment given. The pain I was in has significantly reduced. I would highly reccomend anyone in need of a Chiropractor to book in here.

Helen Hampson


Amazing!!! I can not thank Peter enough for helping me. Arriving at my first appointment I went to I was on my hands and knees, unable to walk without being in pain and unable to stand up straight. I was in and out of a&e department with a herniated disk, L5/S1. I felt instant relief after my first session with Peter and after just a few sessions I was able to stand straight, walk and sit up. Im also pregnant and I have to say he took such good care of me and always made sure I was comfortable with my growing bump. I know that without peters help I would still be in excruciating pain! From the initial assessment till now he has been so helpful and thoughtful. He talked me through my diagnosis and treatment and was able to massively improve my daily life. He is amazing at what he does and I am so thankful I found such an outstanding chiropractor.

Hollie MacCin (Hollz)

It’s honestly incredible the difference even a couple of sessions can make

After struggling with lower back pain for years I booked in to see Peter as a last resort and after 6 sessions I have 0 pain in my back at all. It’s honestly incredible the difference even a couple of sessions can make. Peter is very professional and talks you through the process in detail. Cannot thank and recommended Peter enough!

Holly Bulger

I can't recommend Pete enough. Thank you

I went to see Pete as a last resort , I have suffered with hip and lower back pain for a long time because of an arthritic hip. I had tried everything . Pete went through a lot of back ground and my pain history with me. He explained everything clearly, and got to work. Just from the first session i got some immediate pain relief and over the next couple of weeks a whole lot more. So much so I'm back in the gym able to use and strengthen the muscles needed to keep the arthritis at bay. I can't recommend Pete enough. Thank you

Ian Mawdsley

I was recommended to Peter through a friend. After struggling for nearly 3 years using another chiro Peter has been fantastic. No messing about sent me for an X-ray first to see exactly what was causing my pain and then 6 appointments later I have never felt better! Highly recommend him Peter is a genuine honest guy who isn’t just after the money and reasonably priced! Thank you

Imran Latif

After 8 sessions I was pain free

2 years ago I suffered from frozen shoulder. The pain was excruciating and limited my daily activities. Right from first appointment I could feel difference, pain was diminished and after 8 sessions I was pain free and full mobility of my right shoulder came back. Now I have similar problem with left shoulder and started seeing Dr Granelli anew. Excellent experience during my first treatment encouraged me to seek help in Dr Granelli's Clinic again. His professional knowledge and skills put me out of my misery. Dr Granelli is friendly person and exquisite at his job. I can't recommend him highly enough.

Irena Dudek-Nykiel

Cannot recommend high enough!! Suffered terrible Sciatica to the point I couldn't participate in anything strenuous even sitting on the couch!. Went to countless GP's, Physios and problem persisted. After several sessions with Peter (3 times a week for 4 weeks) the pain subsided. Thanks Pete!

J Dinsdale

If your looking for a chiropractor then you'll be very happy with Peter, he's very knowledgeable & will find & correct the issue fast. He's helped me so much plus I've been able to reduce a lot of medication, he's also stopped my son's migraines who's also stopped all medication. Great guy, puts you at ease & hes easygoing. You wont be disappointed.

John Burgess

After just few sessions with Peter my pain had almost completely gone

I suffered for pain in my back and neck for years. Which led to migraines throughout every day. Constantly prescribed pain medications from the doctors, but no actuall help. I now don't take anything for the pain, as its manageable without. After just few sessions with Peter my pain had almost completely gone. I am at a point were I can now sleep through the night and be mobile, without pain, in the morning. Peter is professional, knowledgeable and also very kind & understanding. I feel like he genuinely loves what he does and wants to help. I would 100% recommend a visit.

John Taylor

I have suffered with sciatic nerve pain for almost two years with only a brief relief period. The pain then returned with vengeance. Analgesic medication did nothing to relieve the pain and I couldn’t walk even a short distance without having to stop and crouch down. I had come to a point where this pain was seriously affecting my quality of life. I went to see Peter who took a thorough history and assessment of my symptoms and recommended six treatments and exercises to maintain between sessions. Initially I was sceptical especially as it was not an overnight cure. But less than a month after my first treatment I am delighted to say I am 95% pain free. I cannot thank Peter enough and would highly recommend his practise.

Julie Brown

Real specialist with broad knowledge and good equipment.

Karol Ekert

I can physically feel the improvements upon each visit

I'm currently receiving regular treatment from Peter following a fall causing pain to my neck and lower back. Peter's kindness, knowledge and understanding is thoroughly reassuring and I can physically feel the improvements upon each visit. He has also provided me with a lot of insight into ways I can help myself heal in respect of changes to eating habits, and understanding the benefits of vitamins and supplements correctly and how to use them correctly. I trust Peter implicitly and cannot thank him enough for how much he is helping me on my healing journey.

Kate Louise

Professional advice in conjunction with healing hands through adjustment and manipulation made my sciatic leg pain more managable, thus enabling me to carry on with my delivery job which was a great weight off my mind. This man has a definite gift for improving people's health so if you are suffering from skeletal nerve pain I strongly recommend a visit to him. Thankyou for your help Peter.

Ken Todd

Highly recommended!

I have suffered for years with an uncomfortable feeling in the my lower back; I decided to try out a chiropractor and came across Peter. I'm so glad I did, his knowledge and professionalism really made me feel at ease, especially when it came to the neck adjustments. I feel amazing now and will definitely keep up regular appointments. Highly recommended!

Kerry Jones

I had been going to a physio for around 16 weeks following a car crash and didn't seem to be getting anywhere in terms of improvement, with movement or pain. 5 weeks into a treatment plan with Peter and I'm so impressed with the improvements. Still progress to be made because it's such a old injury but the numbness down my arm has gone and pain throughout neck and back is now manageable. Couldn't recommend him enough !

Lauren Broome

This guy is an absolute genius! I was in agony, couldn't pick up my week old little boy. After visit 1 I could feel the difference after 3 visits I was feeling 100% again. He is very knowledgable, I would definitely recommend Pete and will be making regular ongoing visit.

Lincoln Delve

Peter was very knowledgeable, thorough and professional. He was exceptionally patient with my son who was naturally a little anxious and got the best possible results achievable given this, as our holiday is imminent Peter ensured he could see my son as much as possible to get him fixed! I would definitely use Peter's services again should the need arise and would have no problem at all in recommending him to others. Thanks Peter! Kind regards

Lisa Worthington

Recieved excellent treatment from Peter Granelli. Quickly diagnosed my back problem and relieved the pain and discomfort I was feeling. He even went on to alleviate a pain I was getting through a recent running injury. Top service, I highly recommend his services.

Marc Deluce

After agonising lower back pain that had been going on since Christmas and visiting the doctors to be told carry on taking painkillers. I decided to visit Granelli's Spinal Health Care. I had a great first consultation, I was nervous as would be expected and unsure of what was about to happen to me. However Peter put me at my ease and explained everything clearly and he was positive that he could improve my back condition. Before he gave me any treatment he carried out a very thorough review of my problem. I have now had a few treatment sessions and am feeling a lot better in myself with noticeable improvements. It is comforting to have someone who is prepared to get to properly investigate the causes of my problems and plan a strategy for my recovery. I couldn't recommend Peter highly enough to anyone! He is an excellent Chiropractor, very professional and knowledgeable, but above all a friendly person who puts you completely at ease from the first time you visit his clinic.

Maria Hankinson

Highly recommend Peter. I went to Peter with shoulder issues which have caused me pain and limited me during my rowing training. After just a couple of sessions, I felt much better and more confident during my training. I will definitely use Peters services again.

Martin Vykypel

Peter is an excellent chiropractor. He’s very knowledgeable. I went in with a sports injury to my shoulder, could hardly lift my arm, within days I had most of my movement back. I would definitely recommend him

Matthew Rowlinson

Excellent experience during my first ever sessions with a chiropractor. Peter is friendly, professional and excellent at his job. I will definitely use Granelli Spinal Health Clinic again.

Michael M

It is amazing what a good chiropractor can do...

The first time I went to the clinic I couldn’t walk, bend or sitting down properly. It is amazing what a good chiropractor can do, Peter is great and in my third session I was able to fell normal again. Very impressed … The clinic is very clean and friendly. I could not thank enough 🙏

Mrs McGahan

When looking for a chiropractor I read these reviews and contacted Peter. After 6 sessions, the pain I was experiencing in my upper back has gone and I have exercises and knowledge to take away that I can use at home. I would definitely recommend.

Mrs Whittaker

First class service, Peter has fixed my back problems after years of pain and been a huge help with my tendinitis. Really flexible times and friendly service thank you A++++

Naomi Franklin

This was crazy - I have not felt this free of tension in my neck for 15 years. ! 60 minute session and I am a changed man. Really looking forward to the rest of the sessions. Highly highly rec.

Nathan Fearon

Very professional. Fixed my back issues with a couple of treatments. I would recommend anyone to go to him. Top Class!!

Nick Fletcher

Always a pleasure! Great service, friendly - highly recommend. Peter takes everything into consideration from my sciatic pain, strenuous daily chores and doesn't forget to include my emotions. I always come out of there feeling fantastic! Thanks for looking after me :)

Nicky Lawson

Peter is brilliant. After suffering with shoulder and hip pain /clunking for many years I finally decided to take action. After my first session with Peter I could already feel a massive improvement in my mobility without the constant ache affecting my daily life activities. All I can say is I wish I'd have gone sooner, I would highly recommend a visit.

Nicole Curotto

Having suffered with back paid for many years I decided it was time to get help. Peter straightened me out and I am now paid free. If you’re looking for help, look no further!

Oliver Club 2

I highly recommend Peter, ....from the start he explained everything thoroughly in a lovely, relaxed and professional environment. Thanks to Peter I am now pain free. Without any medication. Amazing chiropractor.

Paula Nicholson

Went in with pain and discomfort bad enough I couldn't do my desk job. Peter examined me and six sessions later I was back to normal.

Paul Murphy

I can walk miles without worry

Thought that my favourite activity of hiking was in jeopardy with Sciatica like symptoms - lameness, pins + needles, and pain in my foot. Peter resolved all these and I can walk miles without worry.

Peter Collins

5 star just isn't enough! Myself and my wife has been a patient for a number of years and has helped us both overcome discomfort and pain! Peter makes you feel at ease and explains the treatment and adjustments techniques and educates his clients on how to maintain and strengthen core areas promoting a healthy spine. Highly recommended, if you are struggling with pain or discomfort then don't waste any more time get booked in to see him I promise you won't regret it! Thanks for everything Pete!

Peter Shackleton

Peter is always sorting me out. Been there once bent over I had so much pain. Came out of the apt walking straight. had a few more session to sort it out. Went 2 weeks ago with a very sore back and now it is nearly back to normal. Great work.

Pierre Ravailhe

Very knowledgeable and welcoming

I would highly recommend, following treatment for acute neck/upper back/shoulder pain and muscle loss, having never experienced anything like this before. Very knowledgeable and welcoming, with advice for ongoing self treatment and exercises.

Rebecca McCarthy

I started to go after horrible upper back/shoulder pain (bad posture at my desk). Within a few sessions this was completely resolved and the same applied after I did my back in putting up a greenhouse. Peter is absolutely fantastic and many people from where I work have been and said the same thing too. Would highly recommend.

Rhian Broomhead

When I first started using Peters services I was in daily pain struggling to get through each day without taking pain relief. As a young father my mobility is important to me. I have previously had similar lower back issues in the past but lost faith in doctors only recommending pain medication, physiotherapy and my previous chiropractor. I chose Peter due to his attention to detail utilising the gonstead technique as well as the support he puts in place above and beyond our sessions with his diet, supplement & exercise advice as well as the regular reviews he conducts to ensure our sessions are as effective as possible. My pain has now become something far more manageable and often non existent thanks to Peter.

Riccardo Maiolani

Exceptional chiropractor. Peter has helped me recover from a reoccurring back injury quickly. I have seen a number of different chiropractors and physiotherapists over the years and Peter certainly ranks as one of the most friendly, helpful and knowledgable. Highly recommended.

Richard Jones

Highly recommend Peter. I went to him for my shoulder and he instantly identified the issue and i felt the benefits after the first session, and following further treatment my shoulder mobility has significantly improved.

Rob Barnes

I can highly recommend Peter's clinic, my back pain has improved enormously since the treatment began. Thank you.

Robert Stacey

Sorted me out and now I'm so much better generally. Always accommodating too, has been able to fit me in at last minute if I've needed to be seen sooner than my next appointment. Very helpful and clear on the best pattern of treatment to get the best results.


Great. Really knowledgeable and expert chiropractor. Excellent.

Samantha Douglas

I was introduced to Peter when my husband had a bad back and could hardly walk within weeks he had him back to normal .Peter is very knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. Recently I woke up with sever pain down my leg and numbness in my knee I rang Peter and he suggested I went to see him , after my assessment he diagnosed an issue with a disc in my lower back which he treated over a number of weeks .I went for scan 6 weeks later which confirmed what Peter had already diagnosed. I would highly recommend Peter to anyone.

sandra marchbank

I cannot express how much Peter has helped me. He is so down to earth that you can have a conversation through the treatment and not even realise you had been there and leave a better person. For years I struggled with pain around my shoulder blade. It worsened in 2020 and Peter assessed me within 24hrs of calling him as he knew it was an urgency. I had never been to a chiropractor, so didn't know what to expect apart from cracking bones .... it was not like that at all. He was so caring, calming and explained everything he felt I needed and then set sessions with me. He has helped my shoulder blade so much there is barely anywhere near what I felt for years. Since then I developed more aches (due to my manual, physical work) that I casually mentioned in sessions, and he was straight on to them and relieved them. I recommend Peter to everyone 😊 so happy I made that call.

Sarah Bowker

I was pain free for the first time in over a year

Can not thank Peter enough. I've been suffering with hip pain for over a year and have got no where with the doctors other than strong pain relief. After one visit with Peter he knew exactly what the problem was and I was pain free for the first time in over a year after the first few sessions. Peter is really knowledgeable and welcoming and puts you at ease with his friendly personality as does his wife. Highly recommended.

Sarah S

I highly recommend peter, after having recurring lower back problems for two years that other treatments hadn't helped with and were stopping me playing rugby and being active, peter diagnosed and gave a treatment plan that quickly got me back to full movement and now i am back leading an active lifestyle and playing rugby again without back pain. Along the way peter has also helped with a neck and upper back problem i had again getting me back to feeling 100%.

Sean C

I have maintenance treatments for my back every 2 months now thanks to Peter. When I first went to see Peter I had had quite a few physiotherapy sessions which had only managed to keep my back pain at bay for a very short space of time, I was sceptical about how Peter could help but I am so glad that I went to see him as it is the only thing that has worked for me and I am so grateful to him for helping me keep my back stable and pain free.

Sonia Dry

I was recommended by a close friend to visit Dr Granelli after suffering with persistent tension across my upper back and neck. To be honest, I was at my wits end after trying every treatment under the sun from a hot stone massage to acupuncture. My Doctor put me on a course of strong pain killers that simply numbed me and the pain for a few hours but didn’t identify the route of the problem. On my first visit Dr Granelli took me through the medical questionnaire and identified the problem straight away. Dr Granelli explained that it wouldn’t be a quick fix but he would have me as good as new in no time. I was of course sceptical as I had never visited a chiropractor before, let alone have someone adjust my neck / back. After the first adjustment the tingling sensation stopped down my left arm and the tension was released across my neck and back. I cannot put into words the euphoria I felt. I have maintained regular maintenance sessions with Dr Granelli and touch wood my symptoms have not returned. Thanks Pete.

Sovereign Business Transfer

Pete’s healing hands worked a treat for me as I recovered from the agony of a trapped sciatic nerve. I was treated at A & E on Monday night, treated by Pete on Thursday morning & fit enough to walk up Kinder Scout on Saturday. I highly recommend his course of treatment to back problems etc & great advice to strengthen weak muscles to avoid future problems. Regards. Stan Marciniak

Stanislaw Marciniak

I recently visited Granelli Spinal Health Clinic and have to say Peter has worked wonders on my back. I have much more movement and am pain free, I would 100% recommend Peter.

Stephen Lerman

I went to Peter with a very weak back which was effecting everything, I was unable to even put my socks on.. He was brilliant. Very professional, explained everything he was doing and after two months of treatment I was able to go back to running training again. And I can put my socks on again!

Steve Lamb

Having suffered for over a year with numbness in my arm I sought treatment from Peter. I felt a relief after just one treatment and the improvement after a few sessions has been unbelievable. I would definitely recommend!

Steven Malpas

I went to see Peter for some mobility issues in my neck and some pain in certain areas. I have had 6 sessions and the treatment has been fantastic and really helped. The pain has nearly gone and I am able to move my neck more freely now. I would highly recommend Peters services

Steven Preston

First Chiropracter i've ever been to. Amazing service and knows his job well. I would recommend him to anyone. I was afraid to visit a chiropracter at first but he's helped my pain more than a physiotherapist or GP. If you're in pain please don't hesitate to see him.

syd maududi

Excellent & professional service, Peter was very understanding & accomodating, gave thorough explainations whilst making it easy to understand. Treatment eliminated back pain and would have no problem returning if problem reoccurs.

Thomas Massey

Excellent diagnosis and professional service. Qualified and knowledgeable in his field of expertise, I was suffering with lower back problems and I am extremely satisfied with Peters results. I would definitely recommend his clinic.

Vida Watson

I was in pain for a long time , he sort me out with just few sessions .highly recommended

Yacine Hadibi

I fully recommend Peter, his service is second to none!

For a few years now i have had pain in my lower back which worsened with the intense training programme I had to do for an ultra marathon I'd signed up for. The pain was that strong I was drawn to tears and felt sick with it. I then knew I needed help and Peter was recommended to me. After a number of sessions I could feel the difference and felt a new lease of life.. I was over the moon. Training was back on with me being more determined to complete my ultra. After 10 sessions and no pain and my goal to do 100km in a day, I can successfully say I did complete it and i feel that if Peter hadn't worked his magic I wouldn't have be able to. I fully recommend Peter, his service is second to none!

Zoe Woodfinden