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What Our Stockport Patients Say

At Granelli Spinal Health Clinic we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read through some of our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

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Thank you so much for looking after me so well!

Hi Peter, Just want to say thank you so much for looking after me so well and for the results of my treatment. All is so much better and any time I can recommend you I definitely will! Thank you again.

With all good wishes for you and your family,
Wendy Adams

Got me back on my feet and well again!

Peter is a brilliant, PROPER, chiropractor who dealt with the core of my recent severe back problem and got me back on my feet and well again – unlike other chiropractors I visited before I was lucky enough to find him. If you want your back fixing look no further than Peter.

Andrew George Hudson

Has changed my life for the better!

I have suffered with a bad back for a number of years without finding a long term solution. I first met Peter Granelli around 2 years ago. He designed a programme to deal with the initial problems together with ongoing maintenance, which without wanting to sound over dramatic has changed my life for the better and following regular appointments for maintenance I am pain free for the majority of the time.
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I would certainly recommend Peter as he is excellent at putting you at ease, his treatments are very effective and are also good value for money.

Emma Holden

I cannot thank you enough for what you have done, you have changed my life

I first met Peter in the autumn 2010 at my place of work at the RBS Manchester. Peter was demonstrating the benefits of Chiropractic, I was intrigued by Peter’s genuine passion and enthusiasm and I accepted an invitation to have a consultation. This was a thorough examination and since my back injury in May I was finally given a definitive explanation as to the cause, and also a solution to rectify my injury.
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Just to give a little background on my injury in 2007 I stabbed my 3rd vertebrae into a door handle bending down and as I stood up I jarred my back on the pointy part of the door handle, resulting in 10 months off work. Friday in May I cycled to work and I was asked to take some decorations down to which I stepped up on the desk in one stride, no problem!

Then the next day I was in agony permanent back pain, sleeping on the floor for almost 3 months, throwing money at massage, Chinese acupuncture, physiotherapy and massage. I continued to try swimming in pain, it was soul destroying looking back to my miserable lost year of 2007. So here I am now with Peter showing me word for word what my injury was as if from a book. Dysfunctional Joint! Well it made perfect sense and was refreshing to finally know what was wrong, where all others had failed being given nothing from my GP but pain killers, muscle relaxants and a sick note off work how depressing.

Well I signed up for my 12 session course with Peter without hesitation. After my 2nd visit within 4 days I was back sleeping on my new bed! I continued to improve with each visit, Peter also advised me on diet, exercise and posture, the diet change which whilst seeming quite challenging was not so when done gradually and the reason for such a change is to maintain perfect body function and help improve my body’s healing ability.

Well after My 10th visit I was back swimming, happy pain free and had peace of mind knowing I could maintain my back health having Peter to look after me. Just like my dentist I have regular maintenance sessions ensuring I’m doing my part in looking after myself and Peter adjusting me as when and where needed. This was the best decision I had made that year and an absolute bargain. I profession to the have continued to be pain free and cannot thank Peter enough.

Now 2010 fit healthy swimming a mile 2-3 times per week and cycling to work

I cannot thank you enough for what you have done, you have changed my life, and I’m very thankful our paths crossed.


Philip Bent

Treatments have brought my life back to normal

I have had lower back problems for the past 6-8 months which have seriously affected my daily life. I would often have sleepless nights due to the discomfort I felt and would often end up sleeping on the floor!
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I tried physio and sports massage but unfortunately to no avail. However, I am delighted to say that Peter diagnosed a problem straight away and within 2 to 3 sessions I could already feel the benefit of his treatments. A few weeks later and I can now sleep normally on the bed without any discomfort and the day-to-day pain has gone.

I highly recommend Peter because he has a very friendly and approachable manner and most importantly his treatments have brought my life back to normal.

Andrew Barge
Member Relations Manager
David Lloyd Cheadle

The service that I received… better than any other specialist I have seen

I visited Granelli Spinal Health Clinic after suffering with lower back pain and discomfort throughout the entire length of my left leg. I had been suffering with this pain and discomfort for a number of weeks before I was told by a family member about Granelli Spinal Health Clinic.
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I found the service that I received from to be better than any other specialist I have seen. Peter Granelli was friendly, approachable and understanding of my sporting commitments. He performed a detailed consultation including a fact find of my symptoms, my previous injuries and my lifestyle. A full body analysis followed including functional and range of movement tests which were explained in depth and in terms that a lay person, such as myself, could understand. Peter explained exactly the processes that would follow and the times spans to recovery.

The treatments that followed were always clearly explained and Peter took his time to listen to me and always put my mind at ease. I found when the adjustments and manipulations took place Peter was able to relax me into a state whereby he could get the most out of my body. He was clear and concise in the information he gave to me and what I needed to do in between the treatments.

I can genuinely say that I would recommend Granelli Spinal Health Clinic to any of my friends, family and team mates. If I was ever to have a problem in the future Peter is the first person I would call.

Chris Brady
Cheadle Lacrosse Club Captain
Cheshire Lacrosse