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Meet Our Stockport Chiropractor

Dr Peter Granelli (Chiropractor), Stockport Chiropractor

Through personal experience, I understand the value of chiropractic and its ability to turn someone’s life around.

Now running the Granelli Spinal Health Clinic in Stockport, Dr Peter Granelli (Chiropractor) had his own personal experience of musculoskeletal pain which sparked his interest in chiropractic.

During his mid-twenties Dr Peter (Chiropractor) developed lower back pain and despite extensive medical help and physiotherapy, he saw no improvement in his symptoms or mobility, and was forced to give up sport and other active pursuits. However, after attending a chiropractor, he achieved a full recovery and Dr Peter (Chiropractor) was able to resume an active lifestyle.

Pursuing a Career in Chiropractic

The vast improvement Dr Peter (Chiropractor) saw after only attending a few sessions with the chiropractor encouraged him to find out more about this health profession, as the thought of being able to help others in a similar situation regain their full health and function was very appealing.

He trained at the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic, part of the University of Glamorgan. During this course he gained extensive knowledge of human physiology and the processes underlying the development of health problems, before learning the skills required for effective chiropractic.

A Rewarding Career

While chiropractic does have its challenges, particularly with regards to encouraging compliance with the most appropriate treatment, which often requires clients to make significant changes to their diet, exercise and lifestyle, it is a rewarding career for Dr Peter (Chiropractor).

The body’s ability to heal itself, with noticeable improvements from the first session of manipulation, is very inspiring and a great experience to be involved in. There is nothing better than being able to help people who have exhausted all other forms of treatment, as through this holistic approach they may gain improvements in their all-round health.

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